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20th May 2016

Dear one,

We haven’t been in touch for so long.. Every month I tell myself NOW I am going to write my newsletter but then life/ filmmaking / PaasCroYoga takes over.. and just like that more than six months have passed! Does that happen as well to you?

In this newsletter you can watch my new and FREE yoga video for my Sister(s), which as well brothers can watch and do. I made it for my twin sister that suffers, like me, from lower back ache. I do this sequence every morning and it helps me a lot and I hope it will help my sister(s) as well. We filmed this video in the winter in France in the rain.. and it includes a special guest and funny comments just before it really started storming..
* Find the Video below in the newsletter.

You can read as well in this newsletter about all the upcoming workshops, classes and festivals where I will be teaching. The first workshop coming up is THIS sunday in Den Haag, an intermediate Acroyoga workshop with Inez Almeida and I.

Since my last newsletter really a lot has happened:

First of all I organized and taught at PaasCroYoga 2016 – it was a blast, I have flown around the world to teach Acroyoga & AcroYoga family workshops like family acro convention in Israel 2015, Divine play 2015, many workshops in Europe and I just came back from the Dutch Acrobatics festival! Last but not least I finally UPDATED MY WEBSITE! I am especially pleased with that since that was on my list for several years.. Click HERE or on the banner to admire my newly updated website.

And there is much more is in the planning!

Looking forward to flying with you,

Esther Hertog,
The Flying AcroYogi
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 List of Upcoming workshops, weekly classes and International festivals:

• AcroYoga workshops (adults):



Location: Sunshine yoga Den Haag

Have you been training acroyoga for a while and are eager to learn new skills and uplift your practice? Come to this intermediate workshop with Inez Almeida and Esther Hertog, 2 certified teacher from, with lots of experience and practice to share. WHAT IS ACROYOGA? The acroyoga journey, is a playful way to enhance […] More information


Saturday 28 May, 2016 | AcroYoga at WereldFeest Leuven, Belgium

Location: Tent 6, park De Bruul, Leuven, Belgium

Marieke de Bruin and I will give an AcroYoga demo and teach a 2 hours workshop at the festival. Tent 6 16.30u – 18.30u: Acro Yoga   More information


Sunday 29 May, 2016 | AcroYoga workshop in Leuven, Belgium | with Esther Hertog & Marieke de Bruin

Location: Flowing Yoga

All Levels AcroYoga workshop in Leuven, with Esther Hertog and Marieke de Bruin  AcroYoga connects Acrobatics, Yoga and Thai Massage. It results in often impressive looking poses, but it is my firm believe that EVERYBODY can fly. In the end AcroYoga is about building trust, playfulness and connection. In the workshop you will receive clear […] More information


Weekly AcroYoga intermediate classes in rasalila, Amsterdam:

Every Monday evening from 20:15 – 22:00 there are intermediate acroyoga classes at rasalila, Inez and I will teach on the following dates:

May 23 Mon | with Inez & Inez

JUN 13 Mon |  Esther with Guest teacher

• JUN 20 Mon |  with Inez & Esther

• JUN 27 Mon | Inez Almeida & Esther

De AcroYoga intermediate lessen zijn acrobatischer van aard, verdiepen je Thaise massage skills of hebben meer aandacht voor handstand balances, etc. De lessen worden gegeven door verschillende advanced AcroYoga docenten.  More information

Acroyoga Family workshops – Parents & Kids Acroyoga:

Saturday 28 May, 2016 | Brussels AcroYoga Family Workshop (for kids 4-14 yrs old)

Location: Bois de la Cambre or Emergence XL (cold weather)

Esther is a wonderful international Acroyoga teacher. she has been teaching family acroyoga for years and will now come to Brussels to share with us all her tricks and love and fun with family acroyoga. Please do not miss this unique chance. AcroYoga Family is all about the connection between parents and their kids. By […] More information

Wednesday 15 Jun, 2016 | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop KNUFFELEN | Wageningen, Yoga

Location: Yoga met Selle

Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop met het thema KNUFFELEN  in Wageningen. AcroYoga Family richt zich op de verbinding tussen ouder en kind. Door samen te bewegen, spelen en mediteren, ontstaat er een hechte band waarbij plezier net zo belangrijk is als rust zoeken en zorgen voor elkaar. In deze workshop gaan we op een speelse […] More information

Sunday 19 Jun & Sunday 11 SepSunday 06 Nov, 2016

3 Ouder & Kind Acroyoga workshops (kids 4-6jr & 7-11jr) | yogaschool Noord, Amsterdam

Location: Yogaschool Noord

AcroYoga Family richt zich op de verbinding tussen ouder en kind. Door samen te bewegen, spelen en mediteren, ontstaat er een hechte band waarbij plezier net zo belangrijk is als rust zoeken en zorgen voor elkaar. Elke workshop heeft een ander thema, zoals: superhelden, knuffelen, dieren, chi, circus, monsters en water. Dit is echt super leuk om […] More information


Dutch Yoga Festival Terschelling | 24-26 June 2016

EXPERIENCE 1 UNIQUE YOGIC ATMOSPHERE AT THE SEA: + 3 till 5 day with yoga, meditation, dance, philosophy, live music + 70 workshops a day with specials for men & women + 25 yoga styles for beginners and advanced levels + 50 yoga teachers & musicians from all over the world + 10th anniversary celebration […] More information


NORDIC ACROYOGA FESTIVAL | 1-4 July 2016 | Mundekulla Sweden

Come join the 3rd AcroYoga festival up north in the land of the trees & elves ! AcroBhakti invites to AcroYoga Festival at wonderful Mundekulla eco-retreat center in the forest of southern Sweden. AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form […] More information


German Kula celebration | 7-10 July 2016

Get ready to enjoy workshops with an international teaching crew, dance-night, concert, kids program, handstand-privates, NATURE, Bodywork & Dessert Party, trees & elves, good food and much more. More information


Barcelona Yoga Conference | 21-25 July 2016

Esther will be teaching AcroYoga and AY workshops. More info click here   More information


Israel Family Acrobatics festival | 20-23 Oct 2016 |  כנס אקרו משפחות 

More information

 Watch here the Free Yoga video for my sister(s) 

Thank you for Flying with me, 

Esther the Flying AcroYogi

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