[Jan 2013] May all beings everywhere be happy & free

2013 and onwards May all beings everywhere be happy & free

and may the thoughts, words & actions of my own life contribute in some way

to happiness and freedom for all.

Dear Young and Younger Yogis and Acroyogi’s,

After a two-week vacation in France (see picture above), I’m feeling rested, excited and prepared for the upcoming series of workshops. Coming up:

3 Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshop.
I’m especially excited about the 3 days workshop in Antwerp, which my acrobatics partner Marieke de Bruin and I will teach together. There will be a follow up workshop in Brussels in April.

For the real Acro-Monkeys I have added at the end of this letter links to several Acrobatics and AcroYoga events, at some of the events I will teach and/or assist (next newsletter more about that).

Also I’d like to highlight a new Acrobatics book written by one of the best acrobatics teacher in the Netherlands: Noël’s Acrobatic elements and connections (information at end of newsletter).

Looking forward to flying with you, Esther Hertog, The Flying AcroYogi

Website: www.flyingacroyogi.com
Facebook: Esther Hertog – FlyingAcroYogi
AcroYoga website: www.acroyoga.org

Overview upcoming workhops:


Friday 22 Feb, 19:30-22:00 Introduction, Circle opening, Partner Stretches, Therapeutic Flying – Forward Flying*

Saturday 23 Feb, 11:00-14:00 & 15:00- 18:00 Partner Yoga flow, Therapeutic Flying – Back Flying, Thai Massage – Supine position*

Sunday 24 Feb, 11:00-14:00 & 15:00-18:00 Inversion practice, Acrobatic Flying, Group Pyramids, Thai Massage – Prone position* * And much more!

LOCATION: www.idapingala.be
Van Trierstraat 44, 2018 Antwerp

PRICE & REGISTRATION: The Payment serves as registration to the workshop:
Price: € 120 (early bird*) / € 140 (cash on 22 Feb)
Students: € 100 (early bird*) / € 120 (cash on 22 Feb)

* Early bird price for payment before 15 Feb
Bank details: 5770590 – Mw E R Hertog Amsterdam, BIC code: NL84INGB0005770590 * Please mention “AcroYoga Workshop Antwerp”

Zaterdag 2 Maart, 2013 Ouder & Kind AcroYoga Workshop, Amsterdam,
Speciaal voor ouders en kinderen (van ongeveer 7-11 jaar). Elke workshop heeft een ander thema met nieuwe oefeningen en spelletjes. Kom samen met spelen, vliegen en masseren.

Tijd: 14:00- 16:30 * Halverwege de workshop houden we een korte pauze.
Prijs: €27,50 voor een ouder met kind (extra kind: € 7)
Waar: rasalila, Tweede Kostberlorenkade 67, Amsterdam
Aanmelden en meer info via: www.rasa-lila.nl

Sunday 10 Mar, 2013 Ouder & Kind AcroYoga Workshop – Sassenheim
Tijd: 14:00 – 16:30

Voor: kinderen van 7-11 jaar + ouder(s)

Waar: The Centre of Body & Mind, Hoofdstraat 197a, Sassenheim, info@centrebodymind.nl

Prijs: € 27,50 voor Ouder + Kind, extra kind € 7,50

Inschrijving door bedrag over te maken op: 667150889

* onder vermelding van: “Ouder & Kind AcrYoga, 10 Maart”

www.yoga-life.be | info@yoga-life.be * This workshop is a follow up to the Feb Antwerpen workshop

Yoga classes by Esther (subbing for Keetie Klinkenburg) – Monday 11 Mar, 20:15 Location: www.centerforbeing.com

Yoga Flow class – Friday 15 March, 09:30 Location www.rasa-lila.nl Yoga Flow class – Monday 18 Mar,20:15 Location: www.centerforbeing.com Yoga Flow class

Overview AcroYoga & Acrobatics Events

Amsterdam Elemental Immersion with Pau Castellsague, Dieke Bikker & Marieke de Bruin 6-Apr 10 | Amsterdam, Holland INFO PaasCroYoga!

12-14 April Ruigoord Amsterdam * This year we’ll have a mini PaasCroYoga at Ruigoord, 2 weeks after easter. We are still developing the plans, soon more details.

Pre-Convention Dutch Acrobatics Fest 13 – 20 May Niko Douwes organizes for the real monkeys a whole week full of workshops Teachers: Niko Douwes, Fons Bennink, Ilse Beers, Wybren Wouda

Registration: douwes99@xs4all.nl

Acrobatic Convention Israel: 15-18 May A long weekend full of Acrobatics and AcroYoga in the Israel desert! INFO

Nederlandse Acrobatiek Festival, Bemmel 17 – 20 May Greatest and biggest acrobatics festival in Europe for all levels INFO

SOLAR Immersion Israel 23-27 May With Jason Nemer & Alexandra Ruiz INFO

Noël’s Acrobatic elements and connections: On December 15, 2012, “Noël’s acrobatic elements and connections” was launched. The book is a collection of moves, sequences and technical exercises which were introduced in partner acrobatics by the well-known Dutch acrobat Noël Spauwen. It is full with pictures and clear explanations and is a very useful tool to bring you acrobatics literally to a higher level! Also included is a DvD. More info and purchasing: http://acronoel.wordpress.com/contribute-2/

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