[March 2013] Paascroyoga and more!

AcroYoga Mandala @ Antwerpen workshop

‘AcroYoga Mandala’ Photo by: Esther Hertog, February 2013 Antwerpen

Dear Young and Younger Yogis and Acroyogi’s, I’m super HAPPY to announce that PaasCroYoga is happening this year on 12 – 14 April!
Please note that the only way to register to PaasCroYoga is by buying a paper ticket on (THIS) Friday 15 March 16:00 – 18:00, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED..!
Iris Plezieris Martinez will sell PAASCROYOGA TICKETS in EINDHOVEN (more details below).

Also coming up in March & April are more Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshops, Vinyasa Yoga classes, A level II AcroYoga workshop in Brussels and an AcroYoga elemental immersion in Amsterdam. I’d like to share with you how grateful I feel about teaching yoga and AcroYoga. I am especially moved to see, every time again, how the bond between the parents and their kids becomes more playful and trusting in the Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshops. Dear parents, THANK you so much for trusting me, your kids and yourself!

Looking forward to flying with you, Esther Hertog, The Flying AcroYogi Website: www.flyingacroyogi.com Facebook: Esther Hertog – FlyingAcroYogi AcroYoga website: www.acroyoga.org

Overview upcoming workshops (listed by date):

Marieke & Esther YOGAYoga classes by Esther (subbing for Keetie Klinkenburg)

– Friday 15 March, 09:30 Location www.rasa-lila.nl Yoga Flow class

– Monday 18 & 25 Mar, 20:15 Location: www.centerforbeing.com Yoga Flow class

• Please email me to confirm space

Ouder & Kind AcroYogaZondag 31 Maart Ouder & Kind PASEN AcroYoga Workshop, Amsterdam, Speciaal voor ouders en kinderen (van ongeveer 7-11 jaar). Elke workshop heeft een ander thema met nieuwe oefeningen en spelletjes. Dit keer is het theme PASEN, we gaan eitjes zoeken, AcroYoga eitjes maken en AcroYoga konijnen truckjes leren! Kom samen met spelen, vliegen en masseren.

Tijd: 14:00- 16:00 (iets korter dit keer; 2 uur ipv 2,5 uur) * Halverwege de workshop houden we een korte pauze.
Prijs: €27,50 voor een ouder met kind (extra kind: € 7)
Waar: rasalila, Tweede Kostberlorenkade 67, Amsterdam
Aanmelden en meer info via: www.rasa-lila.nl

Registration: www.yoga-life.be | info@yoga-life.be
* This workshop is a follow up to the Feb Antwerpen workshop.

with Pau Castellsague, Dieke Bikker & Marieke de Bruin

• I will come to assist. MORE INFO

PaasCroYoga 2013 PAASCROYOGA A 3-day festival to play & share our passion for AcroYoga, Yoga, bodywork, good food, nice company and many others ways to celebrate life.

COME AND JOIN? Want a ticket? Be quick! The all-in price is only €110,-.
Please note that the only way to register to PaasCroYoga is by buying a paper ticket on Friday 15 March 16:00 – 18:00, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED..!
See flyer for the selling location in Amsterdam.
Iris Martinez will sell PAASCROYOGA TICKETS in EINDHOVEN at www.v-up.nl, also on Friday 15th March 16:00-18:00 (simultaneous to the Amsterdam ticket sale).

• If you are unable to come, send a friend. If we have tickets left over (we doubt it..) we’ll do a second ticket sale on Thursday evening 21 March.
Note: It doesn’t matter if you have long time AcroYoga experience or if AcroYoga is new to you, everyone can join.

WHAT’S IN THE NAME? This gathering is called PaasCroYoga because in Dutch Easter means Pasen, this combined with the word AcroYoga forms the word PaasCroYoga! The gathering of 2013 will be AFTER easter holidays; in the weekend of April 12, 13 and 14, 2013 (but we like the name PaasCroYoga so we kept it!)

NEED MORE INFO? We are a small organization, so please do not call / email Esther, Marieke or Eelke. If you have any questions, please post them on the Facebook event.

Overview AcroYoga & Acrobatics Events | May – June

Pre-Convention Dutch Acrobatics Fest 13 – 20 May Niko Douwes organizes for the real monkeys a whole week full of workshops Teachers: Niko Douwes, Fons Bennink, Ilse Beers, Wybren Wouda Registration: douwes99@xs4all.nl

Acrobatic Convention Israel: 15-18 May A long weekend full of Acrobatics and AcroYoga in the Israel desert! INFO

Nederlandse Acrobatiek Festival, Bemmel 17 – 20 May Greatest and biggest acrobatics festival in Europe for all levels INFO

SOLAR Immersion Israel 23-27 May With Jason Nemer & Alexandra Ruiz INFO

Dutch Yoga Festival 2013, Terschelling 28-30 June AcroYoga workshops with Dieke, Iris, Marius and Esther INFO

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