August 2013 - Are YOU ready to LIFT OFF with the FlyingAcroYogi?

Yoga Festival Terschelling 2013

‘Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony’

Mahatma Gandhi

On the way back from Yoga Festival Terschelling the Dutch AcroYoga team flew part of the way – even though we were on a boat! It was fantastic!: the pictures can be seen on my facebook page (LINK).

Life is good, I’m Happy, especially when while sharing your passion you create play, laughter, trust, exploration and flying. In order to stay updated with spontaneous events (its in the character of most AcroYogi’s) please ‘LIKE’ my facebook page. Looking forward to flying with you,

Esther Hertog, The Flying AcroYogi Website: Facebook: Esther Hertog – FlyingAcroYogi AcroYoga website:

In this newsletter:

• 10th August | Are AcroYoga workshops at the sea! | Domburg, Zeeland
• 19 & 26 August | AcroYoga class, sub for Floortje |, Amstrdam
• Middle of August | When weather allows | Spontaneous Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshop(s) | Vondelpark, Amsterdam
• 14 September | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop | Tilburg
• 14 September | All levels AcroYoga workshop | Tilburg
• 15 September |Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop | Venlo
• 16 November | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop | Leuven
• 17 November | ALL levels AcroYoga Workshop | Leuven

Overview upcoming workshops & Classes (listed by date): 

Photo by: Patricia Torales | Yoga Festival Terschelling Photo by: Patricia Torales | @Yoga Festival Terschelling 2012 10th August | AcroYoga workshops at the sea! | Domburg, Zeeland  Registration and more info soon on:

Bring: a blanket, Sunglasses (we dont want sun nor sand in the eyes), sun-lotion, a bottle of water and lots of laughs.

Ouder & Kind AcroYoga Time: 11:00-13:00

Age: for children from about 7-11 years old

Introduction to AcroYoga (adults)

Time: 18:00- 21:00

• All levels, no partner needed

Monday 19 & 26 August | AcroYoga class Subbing for Floortje at her studio We will play with some real FlyingAcroYogi energy and surprises into rasa-lila! Where:, Amsterdam Time: 20:15 – 22:00

When the weather allows I want to do Spontaneous Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshop(s) What: Parents & Kids AcroYoga (all ages above a baby’s and toddler)

When: with good wether between 12-30 August from 14:00-16:00

Where: Vondelpark next to kinderbadje

What to bring: a mat or a blanket, water, sun-lotion and a snack for the break.

How much: donation based

How will you know: CHECK my FACEBOOK PAGE (Link) and website (Link)

14 September | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop | Tilburg   Registration and more info: Where:  NS Plein 65, building 88, first floor, 5014 DC Tilburg With Esther Hertog and Iris Martines, When: 11:00 – 13:00 Ouder & Kind AcroYoga Workshop Speciaal voor ouders en kinderen (van ongeveer 7-11 jaar), Wij gaan leren samen spelen, vliegen en masseren. Prijs: €20,- voor een ouder met kind (extra kind: € 7)

14 September | All Levels AcroYoga Workshop | Tilburg With: Iris Martines & Esther Hertog Feel how it is to FLY & be King or Queen! We will explore the basics of Inversion practice, Acrobatic Flying (throne), Group Pyramids, For anyone who wants to learn how to fly! No previous experience is needed all you need to be able to do is the breath and smile! When: 14:00 -17:00 Price: € 25

Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop | Venlo

Wat: Met veel plezier, spel en een knipoog leren we professioneel te vliegen! Wanneer: 11:00 – 13:00 Prijs: €27,50 voor een ouder & een kind (extra kind € 7,-) Leeftijd: voor kinderen tussen 7-11 jaar oud * Meer info binnenkort op mijn website

Zaterdag 16 November | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop | Leuven, Belgie 2 uur lange workshop voor ouders & kinderen, Met veel plezier, spel en een knipoog leren we professioneel te vliegen! Prijs: € 30 voor een Ouder + 1 kind, extra kind € 7,- Waar:

Sunday 17 November | ALL levels AcroYoga Workshop | Leuven, Belgie A day long AcroYoga workshop for ALL levels (6 hrs long with a break in the middle) Prize: Early bird registration (until 1 Nov): € 100,- After 1st Nov: €120 Studenten prijs (alleen early bird): € 80 More info soon:

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