[Jan 2014] Newsletter about Contemplations in France | Upcoming AcroYoga workshops & PAASCROYOGA

Dear AcroYogis and AcroYogis to be,

From Northern France I am writing you, where I am having a very-much-needed-break, but by the time I send this newsletter I’ll be back in Amsterdam overflowed with wifi and mobile phones (or should I say infested with..?) and ready again for Yoga and Acrobatics! Below you can read more about my rather amusing efforts to understand Yoga philosophy while drinking French wine and barely doing Yoga… Scroll further down for the workshops for January – February + exciting news about PaasCroYoga + NEW Elements of AcroYoga for sale! Contemplations about a non-existing yoga discipline on vacation in France” Here in Northern France I am making space for yoga philosophy to intermingle with French wine and the smell of the woods. Here all I do pretty much every day is sleep until noon, eat good food (a lot!), read books, make long walks in the forest and finish the day with more food and French wine. Most days are tranquilly passing by without doing my daily yoga practice… In our ‘modern’ society you could consider this as being lazy or very lazy... I would definitely feel guilty if I wasted a whole day doing nothing ‘productive’ back home where I am working on two different careers and often barely managing to keep breathing between all the obligations, workshops and my own imposed deadlines. Strangely enough I normally do manage at home to roll out my yoga mat as daily practice. Here in France while taking a break the yogic philosophy gets interesting; Tapa’s (discipline), Ahimsa (non-violence towards others and yourself) and Brachmacharya (moderation in all you do) get a new significance and also raise many questions. Often a thought lingers upon me that as a ‘good & disciplined’ yoga teacher I should practice Tapa’s; which could be translated to doing everyday yoga Asana’s (postures). Here in France I contemplate whether it really would make me a better yogi if I were to lead the example yoga teacher life and do at least 30 different sweat and flexibility producing postures everyday. I also wonder what my students would think of me if they saw how I on nearly a daily basis drink coffee and eat breakfast barely awake at 12:25PM (needless to say that my yoga mat is still rolled up at that time of the day)… At the same time my knees, my right wrist and my lower back have been reminding me for a long while to bring more Ahimsa to my life; does that mean I should take a total break from my yoga mat and give my body a real rest and finally heal? Maybe I should interpret Brachmacharya as working with moderation and therefore making space to relax (or is it the other way around..)? I also worry whether Brachmacharya really means to live moderately hence not enjoying French wine and cheese… Whenever I have to crawl under the barbed wire to get to the next green pasture or when I climb over a fallen down tree I am grateful for all the Yoga Asana’s I have done before going on vacation. Perhaps the answer to my contemplations on Yoga discipline is in the Sanskrit word for Yoga: Yoga can be translated (among other things) as union – Union of Body, Mind and Spirit (connect the physical, mental and energy bodies). Possibly Yoga is also crawling under fences and over trees in France? I learned at my Yoga Teacher training that according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the ultimate aim of Yoga is to reach Kaivalya (emancipation or ultimate freedom). Here I am at a place where I can download my thoughts while being just half awake at noon, I too can stare blankly into the woods to contemplate life, daydream stories I see passing by in the clouds above me or watch with awe how a little worm slowly finds its way across leaf. All this doing nothing in France is without a tight schedule to hurry for and most importantly without feeling pressured that I have to do something. Is this the union between my body (sleeping eating walking), my mind (totally blank) and the spirit (the nature around me) that Patanjali was aiming for? Bonjour and a salut to 2014! Afterthought: Maybe after working so incredibly hard in 2013, in which I taught: • 10 AcroYoga workshops abroad; anywhere between Bethlehem, Belgium and Moscow. • 22 workshops in the Netherlands • Many yoga and AcroYoga classes (• AND attended over 20 times the screening of my documentary, of which 8 abroad + making 5 promotional films + developing and producing another 5 documentaries). Being lazy in France feels like a long deserved Savassanah (corps pose)

LOVE you ALL, And THANK you ALL, * without you guys I would be a lonely flyer ;-)

Esther Hertog, The Flying AcroYogi Facebook: Esther Hertog – FlyingAcroYogi

AcroYoga website: www.acroyoga.org


Upcoming AcroYoga workshops – adults (* Scroll further for Parents & Kids AcroYoga)

• DEZE zaterdag 11 Jan | Pleiade AcroYoga-workshop voor beginners | Blauwe Parel, Tilburg | 14:30 – 17:30 | Aanmelden: info@blauweparel.nl |€30 p.p. | Vliegen als een vogel, spinnen als een tol en toch helemaal zen zijn? Kom dan naar de Pleiade AcroYoga-workshop op 11 januari bij de Blauwe Parel in de Spoorzone in Tilburg. Esther Hertog, leert jou hoe je iemand kan balanceren op je voeten, al bungelend aan je tenen een ontspannende Thaise yogamassage kan geven en hoe je helemaal zen kunt worden, terwijl je hoofd onder je billen bungelt. Esther studeerde AcroYoga in de Verenigde Staten en geeft nu wereldwijd workshops. Iedereen kan ‘vliegen’, geen ervaring/lenigheid/acrobatische vaardigheden nodig! Je kunt met zijn tweeen (of meer) naar de workshop komen, maar alleen kan ook.

• Ook DEZE zaterdag 11 Jan | Masterclass AcroYoga | Blauwe Parel, Tilburg | 18:30 – 20:00 | Aanmelden: info@blauweparel.nl Wil je je AcroYoga skills finetunen? Nieuwe trucs leren? Verder komen met een move waar je nu niet uitkomt? Doe dan mee met de AcroYoga-masterclass van Esther Hertog.

• Sunday 26 Jan | Acroyoga in Zeeland – mixed levels | Zeeland Gezond: Schenge 4, Middelburg | Inschrijvingen yogaschoolzeelandgezond@gmail.com | Contact: Jessica 06-22528904 & Martin 06-29070431 | €40,- pp / €75,- per Koppel Iedereen kan ‘vliegen’, geen ervaring/lenigheid/acrobatische vaardigheden nodig! Je kunt met zijn tweeen (of meer) naar de workshop komen, maar alleen kan ook.

• Friday 18 – 21 April, 2014 | PAASCROYOGA!: In order to GROW with the AcroYoga practice in the Netherlands, we, all the Dutch AcroYoga teachers, founded TODAY (january 8, 2014) the AcroYoga Netherlands Foundation (in the picture you see how happy I am signing for the Foundation!)! One of our main goals is to create events for the whole AcroYoga community in the Netherlands, one of our main events is PaasCroYoga:

Upcoming Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshops:


• ENG: In the Parent & Kids AcroYoga workshop we stretch, fly, massage and most of all play together. Sometimes we build pyramids, we often meditate, we always learn to fly (safely) and as a result we create togetherness, trust and bonding.

• NL: In ‘Ouder&Kind AcroYoga’ workshop gaan we strekken, vliegen, masseren en vooral samen spelen. Soms bouwen we piramides, vaak mediteren we, en altijd leren we (veilig) te vliegen. Zo creëren we samenhorigheid, vertrouwen en een hechte band met elkaar.


• 11 Januari | 11:00 – 13:00 | Pleiade AcroYoga Ouder & Kind | Blauwe Parel, Tilburg | inschrijven: info@blauweparel.nl | Kosten: € 25 (voor ouder & kind samen) Wil jij je kind(je) laten zweven als een boomblaadje, laten ronddraaien als een tol en laten vliegen als een vogeltje? Kom dan naar de Pleiade workshop AcroYoga Ouder & Kind van Esther Hertog bij de Blauwe Parel!

• Sunday 26 Jan | Ouder & kind Acroyoga in Zeeland | Zeeland Gezond: Schenge 4, Middelburg | Inschrijvingen: yogaschoolzeelandgezond@gmail.com | Contact: Jessica 06 22 52 89 04 & Martin 06 29070431 | Ouder & kind €25,-

• 8 Februari, Sat | 14:30 – 16:30 | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop Amsterdam | rasalila.nl | subscribe: www.rasalila.nl | € 27,50 voor ouder + kind (extra kind € 7)

NEW ‘Elements of AcroYoga’ Manuals for sale!Explore the full spectrum of the practice with detailed explanations and visual representations. These fundamental elements constitute the heart of AcroYoga and should be practiced by newcomers and the highest level practitioners alike. If YOU cant wait to start playing with the Manual, this are the possibilities: 1 – Buy an AcroYoga manual at an upcoming workshop, for reservations email: esther@acroyoga.org 2 – I can post you a manual, email me, pay and I will send you the manual! Costs: € 40 excluding BTW 6% & postal costs: €3,84

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