Family AcroYoga Teacher Training II 2018
May 29 – Jun 3 all-day

The extensive 6-day Family AcroYoga teacher-training program combines pedagogical knowledge with practical training methodsWe believe everyone can Fly!

As qualified AcroYoga Teachers we developed Family AcroYoga to stimulate playfulness & bonding & clear communication with the joy of physical movement for small families or large mixed age group settings.

A unique combination of yoga, acrobatic flying, massage and games, Family AcroYoga enhances physical awareness & self-confidence by engaging with children and parents natural energies.


Our program reveals the art of teaching Family AcroYoga in a safe and caring environment: During a 6 day training we offer detailed workshops designed to enhance practical Family AcroYoga know-how, build body & mind awareness & cultivate positive thinking, trust & community minded thinking. We share various skills including how to ‘manage’ large groups of adults & children, how to establish clear means of communication, how to practice elaborate physical exercises with the age groups, and how to make workshops and classes Interesting, Beneficial and Fun for children and parents.


1. Philosophy: Acroyoga history. Yoga Philosophy. Massage Principles
2. Pedagogy: Physical Development. Stages of the being. Guidelines for each age group
3. Techniques applied to Family AcroYoga classes: Acroyoga applied to each age group. Mantras. Yoga. Partner Yoga/Acro
4. Methodology. Structuring a Class. Communication. Applying boundaries with love.
5. Class example & Creativity. Progressions & Layering. Storytelling & Sequencing. Class examples
6. Let’s get started! Types of classes & Workshops. Marketing strategies. Networking
7. Teaching in a Festival. Preparing a Family AcroYoga Festival. Teaching classes in the festival. Feedback and evaluation of the classes and festival



There are 2 scholarships available for this training. We really don’t want your financial situation to be
in the way of your potential. If you are really interested in the Family AcroYoga Teacher training but you are financially a bit tight, you can apply for one of the scholarships until April 7th. We will announce the winners on April 20th.


In our ideal world applicants should be experienced AcroYoga practitioners: As experienced AcroYoga teachers ourselves, we found that teaching a Family AcroYoga is quite complex and requires specific skills

A Family AcroYoga teacher must be able of simultaneously working with both children and adults, Knowledgeable enough to spontaneously switch lesson content, constantly be Attentive of growing children’s physical & mental needs, and Experienced enough to feel which AcroYoga technique is optimal for individual participants at any given moment.


  • 1 year of AcroYoga practice minimum. Able to base and fly comfortably a stable free star, foot to hand, ninja star and 4-step.
  • 1 year yoga practice minimum
  • 10 hours of massage experience minimum, both as giver and receiver (Thai Yoga massage or other tradition).
  • Experience with children
  • To bring your inner child and an open mind

* Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the requirements.


Esther Hertog. Since 1997 she’s been teaching children in different settings with great pleasure, and she started training in AcroYoga in 2006. In 2010 Esther became both certified as a Vinyassa yoga teacher and as an AcroYoga teacher. She was one of the first in the world to teach AcroYoga to parents and kids.

Tatjana t’Felt. She loves AcroYoga and she loves kids and families. So this is the combination that made her develop Family AcroYoga in Belgium. Tatjana t’Felt has been teaching yoga, movements and dance for many years and has been teaching kids and parents classes in capoeira, gymnastic and family AcroYoga.

Mireia Castellsagué. Started practicing yoga when she was 21. Has been teaching kids and adults since 2006. She is a special education teacher and waldorf kindergarten teacher and has been teaching Yoga for kids trainings since 2012. Became an acroyoga teacher in 2010 and has been passionate about practicing and sharing the practice ever since.


Yoga Room |
80 Rue Defacqz, 1060 Saint Gilles, Brussels (Belgium)

Training + Manual  € 755,- 21% VAT included
(€ 640,- excluding VAT) |

Yoga Festival Terschelling – verwondering!
Jun 29 – Jul 1 all-day

Yoga Festival Terschelling vindt plaats op Kampeerterrein de Kooi, Terschelling.
Van vrijdag 29 juni tot en met zondag 1 juli is de 12de editie van dit jaarlijkse festival.

Het AcroYoga team Dieke, Iris en ik geven verschillende workshops tijdens het festival, Acroyoga, therapeutic flying, Family AcroYoga and Thai Massage. We also lead the opening and closing circle of the festival.
AcroYoga verbindt Acrobatiek, Yoga en Thaise Massage. Dat levert vaak indrukwekkende poses op, maar wij geloven dat IEDEREEN kan vliegen. AcroYoga gaat uiteindelijk over vertrouwen, speelsheid en verbondenheid. Je krijgt in de workshops duidelijke instructies en leert in een veilige en speelse omgeving. Daardoor wordt het loslaten van angst en spanning steeds makkelijker en kan je veel meer dan je denkt!

Het AY team workshops:

17.30-19.00 Introductie AY.

19.00-20.15: AY Therapeutic flying.

7.45-9.15 Partner yoga.
10.30-12.30 Community Beach Practice met Esther –  10.15 vertrek (bij de fietsen) naar het Noordzee strand, (West aan Zee bij strandopgang Knrm).
15.00 – 16.00 Ouder & kind Family AcroYoga – Esther.
18.15 – 19.30 Thai Yoga Massage.
19.45-21.00 AY Therapeutic flying: boven het festivalterrein.

10.30-12.30 AY Backward therapeutic flying bij Duinmeer

PaasCroYoga 2019, the 11th edition: 19-22 April 2019 @ Groepsaccommodatie Hoeve Nolleke,
Apr 19 – Apr 22 all-day


PaasCroYoga 2019, the 11th edition:
Ticket sale starts in December 2017.

This gathering is called PaasCroYoga because in Dutch ‘Easter’ is translated as Pasen,
this combined with the word AcroYoga forms the word PaascroYoga!
The Gathering is created to bring together Dutch AcroYogis
(and friends from other countries are also very welcome!)
to celebrate community and share our passion for life, bodywork, yoga and play.

The Dutch Kula Celebration offers a large variety of workshops
with the Dutch AcroYoga teachers and special guest teachers.
There are workshops for all levels; from total beginners to advanced acroyogis.
Families are welcome, children can join the special kids’ program.
There will be something for everyone!
And it wouldn’t be PaasCroYoga without our famous massage and dessert party!
Come create joy and welcome the spring by being part of the AcroYoga community.





Family Acroyoga Summer Retreat Barcelona @
Jul 27 – Aug 1 all-day

A six days acroyoga vacation for the whole family

A special retreat for the whole family at Om Shanti. There will be workshops for the whole family, and workshops only for the adults, a special kids program.

Swimming pool, days trips, yoga, meditation, acrobatics, massage and great food.

Kids program is designed for kids 4-12 years old and their parents, younger kids welcome too.