Familie AcroYoga (NL)

Familie AcroYoga richt zich op de verbinding tussen ouder en kind. Door samen te bewegen, spelen en mediteren, ontstaat er een hechte band waarbij plezier net zo belangrijk is als rust zoeken en zorgen voor elkaar.

In de verschillende Familie AcroYoga workshops die ik heb ontwikkelt, gaan we strekken, masseren en leer je veilig vliegen! Zo creëren we op een speelse manier saamhorigheid en vertrouwen. Er zijn workshops voor kinderen van 4 tot 6 en voor kinderen van 7 tot 11 jaar.

Al vanaf 1997 werk ik met veel plezier met kinderen. Het was voor mij een natuurlijke ontwikkeling om daarom, als een van de eersten in de wereld, AcroYoga workshops te creëren voor ouders en kinderen. Inmiddels ben ik samen met twee fantastische docenten, Tatjana t’Felt (Brussel/Kopenhagen) en Mireia Castellsague (Barcelona), een Familie AcroYoga docentenopleiding aan het samenstellen om ook anderen op te leiden tot Family AcroYoga  docent (scroll naar beneden voor meer info).


Family AcroYoga (EN)

Family AcroYoga is all about the connection between parents and their kids. By playing, moving and meditating together we strengthen the bond, in which having fun is just as important as relaxing and taking good care of each other.

In the different Family AcroYoga workshops that I developed we stretch, massage each other and learn to fly safely! We build on trust and harmony in a playful atmosphere. There are workshops for kids between 4 and 6 and for kids between 7 and 11 years old.

I have been teaching children since 1997 with great pleasure. When I became a certified AcroYoga teacher in 2010, it was a natural development to start teaching AcroYoga to parents and kids. I was one of the first in the world to do so. At the moment I am creating, together with great teachers, Tatjana t’Felt (Brussels/Copenhagen) en Mireia Castellsague (Barcelona), an Family AcroYoga teacher training (scroll down for more info).



ONLINE Family AcroYoga classes at Ekhart Yoga 

Miki, my nephew, and I recorded FOUR Family AcroYoga workshops for Ekhart Yoga!
You can find all the workshops online HERE
* For Ekhart Yoga members.
* Taught in English

Family AcroYoga teacher training

The extensive 6-day Family AcroYoga teacher-training program combines pedagogical knowledge with practical training methods.


We believe everyone can Fly! As experienced AcroYoga Teachers we developed Family AcroYoga to stimulate playfulness & bonding & clear communication with the joy of physical movement for small families or large mixed age group settings.

A unique combination of yoga, acrobatic flying, massage and games, Family AcroYoga enhances physical awareness & self-confidence by engaging with children and parents natural energies.


Our program reveals the art of teaching Family AcroYoga in a safe and caring environment: During a 6 day training we offer detailed workshops designed to enhance practical Family AcroYoga know-how, build body & mind awareness & cultivate positive thinking, trust & community minded thinking. We share various skills including how to ‘manage’ large groups of adults & children, how to establish clear means of communication, how to practice elaborate physical exercises with the age groups, and how to make workshops and classes Interesting, Beneficial and Fun for children and parents.

For all the information about the program, the training, registration and prerequisites please visit: