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 Developing Serious Playfulness 
June 2015

Upcoming summer workshops FlyingAcroYogi

Dear Yogis and AcroYogis,

I am feeling really excited! As you might know, beside teaching acroyoga workshops and classes for ‘grown-ups’ I have been as well, since 2011, developing and teaching AcroYoga workshops for Parents & Kids – age 7-11 years old! In the AcroYoga workshops for Parents & Kids we stretch, fly, meditate, massage and most of all play together, and as a result we develop serious playfulness, trust and bonding.
 I see children as my teachers. When a kid doesn’t want to do something  he/she wont do it! The intention of the workshops is that everyone enjoys;  if the kids are happy and smiling it’s a successful workshop and whether  they do the exercises successfully or not is secondary. Children are very  true to themselves and to their feelings at that moment. I see that as yogic  quality and it means also for me to be spontaneous and in the moment. I  wished I could be as honest as a child to myself!

During all those workshops I often had much younger kids joining in as well, once even a 3,5 year old toddler joined the workshop for 7-11 year old! So I knew something needed to be done for the younger kids and their parents as well. I have developed a new P&K AY series for the younger kids (age 4 -6) and this saturday in rasalila and Sunday in Yoga School Noord I’ll teach the first workshops (and as well two for the bigger kids). Now I am in the midst of preparing a workshop for even younger kids! Last week I had my first tryout workshop for 2,5 – 4 year olds and their parents, these workshops will start in the fall. So all the papa’s, mama’s, aunties and uncles, grandma’s and grandpa’s be prepared to develop together with your kid(s) some serious Playfulness!

Last but not least I want to tell you a little secret which excites me enormousely: together with the team of AcroYoga.org I’m are developing a new branch/curriculum in AcroYoga; AcroYoga Family, among others we will create a teacher training and a manual specialy designed for families. We still have a long way to go but in a year of two we will be able to spread the love of Parents & Kids AcroYoga even more!

Looking forward to flying with you,

Esther Hertog,
The Flying AcroYogi
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Thursday 18 june, 2015  | Easy Elemental AcroYoga    class 

I’ll be subbing Floortje’s Easy Elemental AcroYoga class  in  rasalila 18:30 – 20:15.
This Thursday I will be teaching an AcroYoga class in one of  my favorite studio’s and we will focus on ‘Chi’.

 THIS Saturday 20 june, 2015 | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga  workshops in Amsterdam West |


• Ouder & Kind AcroYoga ☞ MONSTER ☜ workshop  | Kids 4-6 jaar +  ouders | rasalila | 13:45 – 14:45

• Ouder & Kind AcroYoga ☞ MONSTER ☜ workshop | Kids7-12 jaar +        ouders | rasalila | 15:00-17:00

THIS Sunday 21 jun, 2015 | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshops in Amsterdam Noord |  www.yogaschoolnoord.nl |

• OUDER & KIND ACROYOGA WORKSHOP | kids 4-6 jaar + ouder | Yoga School Noord  | 12:00 – 13:00
• OUDER & KIND ACROYOGA WORKSHOP | kids 7-12 jaar + ouder | Yoga School Noord  | 13:45 – 15:45

Acro in the Park! (volgende week laatste van de serie doe ook mee!)

WITH: Dieke & Esther
WHEN: 3 Wednesdays in June: 10, 17 en 24 June, 19:00-20:30
LEVEL: some experience is nice.
WHAT: In this series we’ll show you some fun acroyoga and Dutch acrobatics washing-machines, Dutch Acro standing tricks for two and tricks and tips to flying safer and higher.
LOCATION: Vondelpark, Amsterdam at children’s pool (kinderbadje)
WEATHER: workshops take place when warmer than 17 degrees and NO rain, when there is doubt we’ll decide on the day itself (check your facebook!)
PRICE: €10 for one workshop | €25 for whole series
BRING WITH YOU: you yoga mat/blanket and optional something tasty and gezellig for after the workshop.

Yoga Festival terschelling | 26 – 28 June
Like the previous 5 years, I’ll be teaching together with Dieke and Iris 6 AcroYoga workshops at this great yoga festival on the beautiful island of Terschelling. If you love yoga, nature and great vibes this is the place to be next weekend!

AcroYoga in Tilburg

Sunday 4 okt, 2015 | www.yogacentrumtilburg.nl 
• OUDER & KIND ACROYOGA workshop  | 11:30 – 13:30
• ACROYOGA WORKSHOP (volwassenen) | 15:00 – 18:00
In 3 uur gaat Esther Hertog je meenemen in deze dynamische krachtige yoga stijl.
Inclusief lekker soepje of salade!

And block already the next dates in your agenda:
25-28 2016 March | PaasCroYoga 2016!
This year PaasCroYoga was simply great, for next year we already found a wonderful big location and we are already working on producing this festival.
On my facebook page you can find impressions of PaasCroYoga 2014: LINK

Ekhart Yoga AcroYoga workshops
Dieke & I have already TEN AcroYoga video’s online at Ekhart Yoga: a  website where you can take a yoga class anytime, any place, online,  convenient and with a big diversity of yoga classes and styles. Our classes are  also diverse, from therapeutic flying to handstand practice and partner yoga.

In beginning of July my little nephew – Miki – and I will

record special Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshops, they’ll be published in the fall of 2015, so check the website for these classes!

NEW Elements of Acroyoga flight manuals!
I have the NEW AcroYoga manuals!
Meet me at a workshop or email me if you like to order one: esther@acroyoga.org
Price*: € 35 (+ 6%BTW and optional postal costs € 5,- in NL )
* More economical than ordering through the AcroYoga website.

ELEMENTS OF ACROYOGA includes 140+ pages with full color pictures and detailed descriptions.



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