[:en]Oh darling, what if you FLY? | Sept 2015 | flying with the FlyingAcroYogi[:]

Did you ever dream of FLYING but always thought you couldn’t?
Do you recognize a feeling of fear or shyness that stops you from trying something, even when you actually really want to learn it?*

Failing or falling scares me. Sometimes when I don’t immediately succeed in something I feel like a failure, and this even makes me feel that EVERYTHING I do is a failure! Falling and failing can bring up very raw emotions – yet I believe that we grow the most by trying again even when we fail the first time!

Here are Yoga wisdoms that time and time again help me to pick up my miserable ‘failed’ self:

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down to your toes. I believe that being able to do a great acrobatic move or making a pretzel of your body doesn’t necessarily make you a better person or a better Yogi! For me it is important that I enjoy the process of learning and that I find stillness in my practice whether I manage to do a pose or not. Patience and tolerance are the keywords!
You don’t need to be great to try, but you have to try to be great! If you never try you will never know whether you can do something or not. From my experience as an AcroYoga teacher I notice that people often underestimate their abilities. People have no idea how strong and able they are until they try!
I believe everyone can fly: it is a matter of trying, sometimes failing, or falling, learning from the experience and trying again. Most important is to keep breathing and smiling during the process!

In my workshops you’ll be given clear guidelines and fun preparations for basing, flying and spotting. Especially the role of the spotter will be emphasized so everyone feels safe to explore AcroYoga even when things go out of balance.

Do not worry about falling! TRY flying! If you want learn how to fly come to one of the THREE beginners AcroYoga workshops:

The first one is THIS Sunday in Thrive Yoga in Amsterdam!

For more detailed info about other beginners & intermediate workshops, the Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshop, AcroYoga Festivals, Online workshops and Acroyoga manuals, please read the below info.

Looking forward to flying with you,

Esther Hertog,
The Flying AcroYogi
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Upcoming Beginners AcroYoga workshops:

• Sunday 13 Sep, 2015 | AcroYoga Beginners workshop | Thrive Yoga Zeeburg Amsterdam | 14:00 – 17:00 | Registration: http://bit.ly/1gM5X0g

• Sunday 25 Oct, 2015 | AcroYoga workshop | www.yogacentrumtilburg.nl | 15:00 – 18:00 | Registration: http://yogacentrumtilburg.nl/workshops/yoga-workshops/

• Saturday 21 Nov, 2015 | Beginners AcroYoga  | Yoga school Noord | 13:00 -16:00  |  Registration: http://www.yogaschoolnoord.nl/workshops/beginner-acro-yoga-workshop/

Upcoming intermediate AcroYoga classes:

• Monday 14 Sep, 2015 | Intermediate AcroYoga class in rasalila | with Inez | 20:15-22:00
* In november and december I will co-teach a few more monday Intermediate acroyoga classes, check facebook or my website for updates.

• Monday 2 & 16th Nov, 2015 | Intermediate AcroYoga class in rasalila | with Laura | 20:15-22:00

Upcoming Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshops:

• In Tilburg Sunday 25 Oct, 2015
Ouder & Kind AcroYoga workshop | www.yogacentrumtilburg.nl | 11:30-13:00

• Yoga School Noord Amsterdam
22 november 2015 – Thema Dieren
13.00 – 14.00 kids 4-6 jaar + ouder | 14.15 – 15.45 kids 7-12 jaar + ouder
17 januari 2015 – Thema Chi (energie) 
13.00 – 14.00 kids 4-6 jaar + ouder | 14.15 – 15.45 kids 7-12 jaar + ouder
21 februari 2015 – Thema Knuffelen 
13.00 – 14.00 kids 4-6 jaar + ouder | 14.15 – 15.45 kids 7-12 jaar + ouder
More Info and registration: http://www.yogaschoolnoord.nl/workshops/ouder-kind-acro-yoga-workshop/

Upcoming International FESTIVALS – with Esther’s workshops

• 1 – 4 October 2015 | Family Acro Festival in Israel 

• 9-11 October | Divine Play AcroYoga Festival | PORTLAND, OREGON 

• 25-28 March | PaasCroYoga 2016 
PaasCroYoga is the Dutch AcroYoga Kula celebration: four days of a huge diversity of workshops, AcroYoga and Acrobatics teachers, good food, dancing, singing and celebrating in a beautiful location.
On my facebook page you can find impressions of PaasCroYoga 2014: LINK

Take a class with Esther ONLINE:

! NEW at Ekhart Yoga:
Parents & Kids AcroYoga workshops!
Miki, my nephew, and I recorded in one day FOUR parents & Kids AcroYoga workshops for Ekhart Yoga! The first class in already online so check it out and let me know how it was for you and your kids! LINK (become a member to watch this video).On Ekhart Yoga there are as well Acroyoga classes for adult, Dieke & I have already TEN AcroYoga video’s online at Ekhart Yoga. Our classes are diverse, from therapeutic flying to handstand practice and partner yoga: LINK (become a member to watch these video’s).

Miki and I recording an Acroyoga workshop at Ekhart yoga, July 2015

Elements of Acroyoga flight manuals!

I have the NEW AcroYoga manuals!
Meet me at a workshop or email me if you like to order one: esther@acroyoga.org
Price*: € 35 (+ 6%BTW and optional postal costs € 5,- in NL ) * More economical than ordering through the AcroYoga website.

ELEMENTS OF ACROYOGA is the official AcroYoga manual and it includes 140+ pages with full color pictures and detailed descriptions.

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